Drawing 100 drawings: Drawing 28

Leonardo, illustration for virtue and envy, 15th/16th century. Drawing 28.

I have been drawn to the virtues and their vices for a long time, so when I stumbled upon the original Illusration for Virtue and Envy by Leonardo I got really excited and knew I had to add this into my project. Wonderfully strange and truly bizarre, it was fascinating to copy this particular piece in all of its weirdness and complexities. What I love so much about the virtues and vices is that they exist within all of us, and when you come across a piece like this it makes you stop and think.

I am intrigued with the idea of trying to depict these habitual dispositions and turning them into art. I just love the way Leonardo displays envy intertwined and face to face with its nemesis, or virtue (which I can only assume is kindness or gratitude). I am planning on exploring the virtues and vices in greater depth after this project is finished.

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