26, free spirit. Lover of art and adventure. Seeker of truth and beauty. My days are filled with creating, drawing, painting and photographing my surroundings. Art has always been at the center of my life. My need to express and create have come in many forms. Drawing and painting have always been at the core of my passion, particularly sacred art. There is such a sense of awe in the creation of sacred images, powerful and mysterious, my curiosity knows no bounds. My artwork consists of idealized illustrations, paintings and drawings of the human and divine form, Renaissance and Botticelli inspired. As an artist, I find it imperative to preserve the techniques from the Old Masters of the past who have come before me and implement those traditional ways within my own work. Beauty is a universal language not bound by space or time. Therefore, what is good and true and beautiful today holds the promise that it will remain so tomorrow.
Photography by Joe Lanzilotti