A few of my favorite things

My Favorite Essentials
Happy Friday, all! This year I’ve decided to challenge myself to be more open and consistent with sharing my life,  art & photography on social media. So, today I decided to share with you a few of my favorite daily necessities.
Gaia Blends 
I am obsessed with my Gaia Blends Skin Salve. Seriously, I use it every single night before I go to bed. This is a miracle salve when it comes to moisturizing and reducing fine lines & wrinkles. One of my favorite parts about it is that it is 100% natural. My skin tends to be on the dry side, so I love applying a small amount on my face right after it is freshly washed and right before bed. It truly does help to nourish, restore and protect my skin. Not to mention it’s packed full of antioxidants and vitamins. It’s a must have, especially during the winter season!
Candles on candles
One thing you will always find in my home is a treasure trove of candles. In general I tend to go for the  light, citrusy scents.  I’ve been experimenting  lately with a few different kinds, but my all time favorite brands are Himalayan Trading Post & Voluspa candles. Citrus Pear & Nisshol-Soleil are to die for.

Dr. Bach to the Rescue
I have had OCD and anxiety for as long as I can remember. Both can become rather bothersome when dealing with simple everyday tasks and activities. With that being said, I have tried to go the natural route whenever possible, especially when it comes to healing. One of the most beneficial and all natural products I have found to help manage both has been my Dr. Bach Recuse Remedies. Dr. Edward Bach was a physician, bacteriologist and pathologist from the 1920’s who discovered the Original Bach Flower Remedies which is a system of 38 Flower Remedies that corrects emotional imbalances where negative emotions are replaced with positive ones. My top three favorite remedies are: White Chestnut, Aspen & the Original Rescue Remedy. They really help to relieve stress and anxious thoughts. I usually drink a couple of drops with a glass of water and within minutes my anxiety & nervous energy just melts away. I honestly cannot live without them!
Every girl needs to have a few bottles of perfume on hand. My top tree are: Miss Dior CherieJuicy Couture Rollerball Duo: Viva la Juicy La Fleur and Viva la Juicy. I will not go out until I’ve spritzed myself with these dreamy fragrances!

Cocktail Hour
My husband and I enjoy cocktail hour before dinner and one of my favorite drinks is St-Germain. St-Germain is a French liqueur created from freshly hand-picked elderflower blossoms. And yes, it tastes as good as it sounds. It’s smooth, refreshing and totally delicious. Usually we’ll pick a few lemons from our back yard, grab some basil leaves from our kitchen plant and create a delicious little cocktail for ourselves. Here’s a  recipe that we enjoy from time to time:

Lemon, Basil & Elderflower Smash for Two
4 ounces St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur
6 ounces Champagne
Sparkling Water
Handful of Ice
Half a Lemon
Basil to Garnish
Simply pour your Elderflower and Champagne over ice in your favorite glass. Top off with sparkling water. Muddle the basil and lemon together and stir into your drink. And viola! You’re all set 🙂

8 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things

  1. Yummy! I’d love to join you and Henry for a cocktail in the wonderful copper mugs with some fresh lemon and basil. Love you so much!

  2. The photos look great! I like so many of your selections!…The wonderful animal sculptures, candles, Doctor Bach Remedies, natural skin care, and perfumes. Thank you for sharing! Love you!

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